Your Tenancy Rights and Responsibilities

All of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant are detailed in your Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement (SST). The SST is a legally binding document and you must adhere, as we must, to its conditions. Please refer to your SST for your full rights and responsibilities.  More information about your tenancy is in your Tenant Handbook.

Tenancy Sustainment

We aim to minimise tenancy breakdown, prevent homelessness and promote stable and sustainable communities through:

  • Prevention - ensuring that before and after a tenancy is started, steps are taken to identify issues which could affect tenancy sustainment;
  • Tenancy Support - liaising with and signposting to appropriate agencies to ensure that individually tailored support is provided where required throughout a tenancy, catering for changing needs of household members; and
  • Partnership Working - establishing partnership arrangements with agencies who are able to assist in sustaining tenancies where appropriate.
  • Please contact a member of staff if you are experiencing issues which are making it difficult to sustain your tenancy or you require any advice or support.

Ending Your Tenancy

You must give at least 28 days notice to end your tenancy. You can download a Termination of Tenancy form below which should be completed and returned to us. The day we receive this form is the day from which your notice period begins.

Termination of Tenancy Form

Making changes to your tenancy

To ensure that your tenancy rights are protected and for us to provide the best service it is very important to ensure that we have accurate and up to date information about who is living in your home and that you advise us in writing of any changes to your household.  Who we have on our records as part of your household can also affect who is entitled to take over your tenancy after you die.

The tenancy agreement and our tenancy management policy  outlines the changes you can make to your tenancy such as how to apply for a joint tenancy, request a mutual exchange, assign your tenancy, sub-let, take in a lodger etc.  Please be aware that you must have our written consent before proceeding with making any change to your tenancy. If there is anything you are not clear on and / or need further information please get in touch with your Housing Officer.

Tenancy Management Policy

Being a good neighbour

We are committed to ensuring that our tenants live in a well-kept and safe environment.  We recognise the right of our tenants and their neighbours to peaceful enjoyment of their homes.  We expect our tenants to respect the values and lifestyles of others within the community and to act reasonably and with consideration for others.  As such you or anyone living with you or a visitor to your home must not cause your neighbours any problems for instance any alarm, distress, harassment or act in an anti-social manner.

Looking after your home and surrounding areas

We are responsible for providing you a safe home to live in and for keeping any areas around it that we own or maintain in good condition.  You have responsibility to keep your home in good order and also to ensure that the surrounding environment is maintained to a good standard.