Average Rent Charges

Our average rent charges for the last five years are detailed below.  All our current rents pass the Scottish Federation of Housing Association (SFHA) affordability test which checks to see if rents are affordable to tenants and prospective tenants.


2019 – 2020 Average

2020 - 2021 Average

2021 - 2022 Average

2022 - 2023 Average

2023 - 2024 Average

Property Size


2 apt






3 apt






4 apt






5+ apt






Total Average Weekly Rent






The 2021-22 rents are lower as we reduced rent charges following the transfer of engagement from Kendoon.  Ex Kendoon tenants came across to the lower cost Pineview rent structure and over 80% of tenants got a rent charge reduction.

We will continue to ensure that rents and the annual rent increase on average, does not unreasonably exceed levels set by other housing associations working in the same area, where the current rent, the type and specification of the property, the location and the service is comparable.

Average Rent Charges - Benchmarking

We compare our rents with the Scottish wide averages which the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) produces and publishes by September/October each year.  We have also worked with the Scottish Housing Network (SHN) and with the other local Drumchapel housing providers (Drumcog) to provide further comparable benchmarking data.  The benchmarking data Is detailed in our Annual Reports.

We aim to ensure that the rents we charge represent value for money to our tenants. 94.1% of our tenants stated that they thought their rent represented good value for money in our 2022 tenant satisfaction survey, this is an improvment on our 2020 result of 89.3%.  (2.1% gave a neutral response and 3.8% thought the value for money was poor).  Our results compare well to the 2021/22 Scottish average of 82.51%, and we are keen to retain our tenants' satisfaction in this area.  We have worked with our Resident and Customer Forum and consulted with our customers to develop a "Value for Money" (VFM) statement and are commiteed to achieving VFM in the provision of all our services.  Please visit our Policies section to get a copy of our VFM statement.