Below are a selection of our main service delivery policy documents that we think will be of most interest to our customers.  We also have policy documents in other sections of the website - Committee Governance Documents, Staff Human Resource Documents, Data Protection and Freedom of Information.  We have further operational policies that are not given below, or in the other sections of our website, because they do not relate to customer service.  However, these policies may be available on request.
If you would be interested in finding out more about any of our policies or being involved in their reviews, please contact us to register your interest or review our Get Involved section.
File Description File Size
Abandonment Policy - H.01 (Sept 2022) PDF icon 192KB
Allocation Policy - Common Policy with Drumcog (Nov 2023) PDF icon 657KB
Allocation Policy Summary - Common with Drumcog (Nov 2023) PDF icon 370KB
Anti-Social Behaviour - H.03 (March 2022) PDF icon 206KB
Asbestos Management Policy - M.06 (Feb 2022) PDF icon 314KB
Behaviours Framework - S.13 (Jan 2022) PDF icon 381KB
Complaints Handling Procedure - G.07 April 2024 PDF icon 170KB
Contractor Management and Procurement Policy - M.03 (Oct 2021) PDF icon 173KB
Customer Care Charter - G.06a (April 2023) PDF icon 915KB
Customer Care Policy - G.06 (April 2023) PDF icon 187KB
Domestic Abuse Policy - H.14 (Sept 2022) PDF icon 189KB
Donations and Wider Action Policy - F.06 (April 2022) PDF icon 185KB
Entitlements, Payments and Benefits Policy (S.04 - June 2023) PDF icon 263KB
Equality and Diversity Policy - G.03 (Sept 2022) PDF icon 217KB
Estate Management Policy - H.07 (April 2024) PDF icon 207KB
Factoring Policy -H.08 (Sept 2021) PDF icon 179KB
Health and Safety Policy Statement (Aug 2023) PDF icon 59KB
Legionella Policy - M.05 (Oct 2021) PDF icon 147KB
Rechargeable Repairs Policy - M.02 (April 2024) PDF icon 148KB
Rent Account Management Policy - H.12 (Sept 2021) PDF icon 162KB
Rent Setting and Service Charges Policy - H.04 (Nov 2022) PDF icon 209KB
Repairs and Maintenance Policy - M.01 (Oct 2021) PDF icon 341KB
Shared Ownership Policy - H.11 (Sept 2021) PDF icon 126KB
Social Media Strategy - F08 (Sept 2021) PDF icon 261KB
Stock Condition Survey Policy M.04 (June 2023) PDF icon 110KB
Tenancy Management Policy - H.05 (June 2022) PDF icon 225KB
Tenant-Customer Participation Action Plan - H.13a (April 2023) PDF icon 205KB
Tenant-Customer Participation Policy - H.13 (April 2023) PDF icon 195KB
Unacceptable Actions Policy - H.15 (Sept 2023) PDF icon 139KB
Value for Money Statement - H.00 (Jan 2022) PDF icon 464KB
Void Management Policy - H.06 (Sept 2022) PDF icon 215KB
Vulnerable Adults and Child Protection Policy - H.09 (Sept 2023) PDF icon 174KB