Our staff team are employed by Pineview to run the operational business of the Association.

Our staff report to the Committee of Management and ensure that our tenants, owners, applicants and other service users receive the care and service as determined by the Committee. Our staff are our main resource in providing quality service to our customers and we endeavour at all stages to support and develop our staff members to ensure they have the required skills and expertise to provide this service.

The Association is always looking to assist our staff team members to learn at every opportunity and to take personal responsibility in their own career and personal skills development.

Our staff are all trained, and expected to carry out their duties, in line with all our policies and procedures.  Our staff team are also expected to positively implement our Behaviours Framework.

Terms and Conditions of Employment and Salaries

The Association is a full member of Employers in Voluntary Housing (EVH) and our staff are employed on EVH terms and conditions of employment with the accompanying grading and salary scales.  The full EVH terms and conditions detail procedures in respect of discipline and grievance, and are agreed through a recognition agreement with Unite the Union.  Through EVH there is a recognition agreement with Unite the Union.

Pension Structures

The Association operates three pension structures through the SHAPS scheme within The Pension Trust (TPT) - one defined benefit scheme (closed to new members) and two defined contribution schemes (open to all employees).  The Association is required to meet the requirements of pension auto enrolment and report on this to The Pensions Regulator.