How do I become a Committee Member?

Become a Member of the Association

Membership is open to people with an interest in the Association whether or not they are tenants. Subject to the Association’s Rules, the following may be eligible to become members:

  • Tenants of the Association.
  • Service Users of the Association.
  • Other persons who support the objects of the Association.
  •  Organisations sympathetic to the objects of the Association.

Applicants for membership must be 16 years or over.  However, members may not become Management Committee members until they reach the age of 18.  Membership costs £1 and will remain in place unless the membership is ended in line with the Association’s Rules. 

Get elected

Once you are a member you are eligible to be nominated for a place on the Management Committee or to vote in someone that you think would be a good Committee Member. The Association holds an Annual General Meeting each year and it is at this meeting that elections for the Management Committee are held.  

What if I miss being nominated at the Annual General Meeting?

You could fill a casual vacancy if someone leaves the Committee or fill a co-opted position.  

What if I am not eligible to become a member?

If you have an interest in joining the Management Committee because you have skills and knowledge which may help us, you could be co-opted on the Management Committee. 

How do i find out more?

We are keen to have tenants involved in the running of the Association, so if you feel you would be interested in joining the committee or giving us your views on policy issues, then please click on the contact us button below and a member of staff will contact you to discuss further.

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Committee Recruitment Policy