Alterations & Improvements

    Tenants wishing to carry out any alterations or improvements to their home must apply in writing to the Association and receive our written permission prior to any works being undertaken.

    This will include (but is not an exhaustive list) alterations and improvements to:

    • Alter, improve or enlarge the property, fitting or fixtures (e.g. removing an internal wall, loft renovations, replacement of doors)
    • Add new fixtures or fitting (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, shower, double glazing or any kind of external aerial or satellite dish)
    • Put up a shed, garage or other structure
    • Laying of a patio or other alterations in garden areas.

    We will not unreasonably withhold consent however work must be to an acceptable standard and we will also have regard for any adverse effect that the alteration or improvement might have on the property, to other properties or residents.

    Consent may be conditional. At all times we have to consider factors such as health and safety issues, the long term structure of our properties, the standard of workmanship, the possible effect on other properties / tenants etc. and therefore conditions attached to consent will be strictly enforced.

    The cost of repairing damage as a result of any alterations or improvements carried out, or any costs incurred by the Association to rectify will be met in full by the tenant. The tenant is also responsible for obtaining all other necessary approvals and certificates as required e.g. planning permission and / or building warrants.

    Should a tenant carry out any alterations or improvements without the Association’s permission, the Association is entitled to restore the property to its previous condition during or at the end of the tenancy. The Association is entitled to charge the tenant for this work.

    Should any tenant wish to appeal against any decision made by the Housing Services Officer regarding an alteration or improvement then they should contact the Housing Services Officer providing their reasons for appeal.

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