Fair Work First

Pineview Housing Association employs staff to undertake the day to day operations of the Association.  Pineview takes it’s employer duties seriously and is a full member of EVH, through which there is a collective bargaining agreement with UNITE the union, which covers pay, grading arrangements and terms and conditions of employment.
Fair Work First is the Scottish Government’s policy to drive high quality and fair working practices for workforces within Scotland. The policy does this by setting criteria that  organisations are encouraged to adopt and from 1st July 2023 organisations applying for public funding have to demonstrate their commitment to the principles and make this publicly available on their websites.

A joint statement has been agreed between EVH and Unite to confirm standards set within the EVH arrangements for full member employers which comply with the fair work criteria.  As an EVH full member Pineview is committed to adhering to the requirements of this joint statement.

Joint Statement on Fair Work First