Procurement of Goods and Services

Pineview Housing Association (PHA) recognises its responsibility to appoint competent contractors when commissioning contracts and projects for maintenance work on any of its properties.

In doing so our policy is to:

  • Achieve Best Value for all maintenance contracts procured by the Association, including the appointment of consultants and contractors, through the operation of efficient and effective procurement procedures, recognising that lowest cost may not always represent Best Value in the longer term.
  • Ensure probity through transparency and accountability at all stages in the procurement process.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory legislation and guidance in the carrying out of our procurement activity.

The Scottish Government has set out procedures that should be followed by public bodies when procuring works, services or supplies. This is in the form of a web-based portal and can be found at: 

These websites are kept updated and facilitate good practice and consistency across the Scottish public sector. PHA will therefore, in general, follow these procedures to ensure compliance with current legislation and guidance. Where works or services require to be tendered in accordance with the Financial Regulations PHA will follow the Scottish Government procedures, subject to minor revisions to take account of other internal governance or policy documents.

Use of these procedures will ensure that all Contractors and Consultants appointed by PHA:

  • Are sufficiently competent
  • Have sufficient resources
  • Are committed to improving customer satisfaction
  • Are committed to protecting the health and safety of their own employees, members of the public and Association staff and residents
  • Are committed to promoting innovation, equalities and the sustainability of new and existing properties
  • Are encouraged to improve the economic prosperity of the community.

 These procedures will also ensure:

  • Equal treatment of all Contractors and Consultants, and confidentiality of all information received from them
  • Transparency and proportionality for all aspects of the selection and / or competition process
  • Mutual recognition of all products and services available to the Association

PHA advertises tender opportunities on in line with public procurement legislation.

If any contract advertised is of interest to your company, you should follow the instructions given in the Contract Notice or advert.

You can find a list of our contracts advertised on Public Contract Scotland website using its Search option.

Our list of current suppliers, contractors and consultants can be found in the ‘Organisations Work With’ section of our website.