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For emergency repairs outwith normal office opening hours, (fire, flood, break-in, broken windows) or any heating or hot water repairs please call City Building on 0800 595 595.

Ask, Tell - Save a Life: Every Life Matters

You could help save somone's life by just asking them how they are.  For more information, please Click here


2021-2022 Annual Report and Charter Report - published 31/10/2022

Pineview is committed to being open to our customers about our performance and sharing this with customers.  We discuss performance with our customer forum and produce information for our newsletters and Annual Charter Report in agreement with the customer forum.  If you are a customer who would like to be involved, either through the forum or separately, please contact Isobel at our office for more information.

Newsletters – please see for more information about current work.

Performance – gives access to our Annual Charter Report, our Annual Financial Statements, our SHR Landlord Reports, our SHR Engagement Plan and our Business Plan.