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Ask Tell Save a Life Did you know 2 people every day die by suicide in Scotland?
10 Sep Connect4life As part of World Suicide Prevention Day, Local partners and groups invite you to a free event in the Drumchapel area Click here for more information.
05 Sep Suicide Prevention Week 9 - 15 September 2019 Anyone can help with suicide prevention - Ask, Tell, Save a Life as every life matters. 2 people every day die by suicide in Scotland - we can all play a part in reducing this number. Please visit

U Events

27 Sep Getting Ready to Coorie for Winter Getting Ready to Coorie for Winter "'Coorie' can mean to snuggle and cuddle, it can also mean exploring some lifestyle choices to enhance feelings of wellbeing which is good for heart health."
25 Oct Using a Kinder Inner Voice Using a Kinder Inner Voice "How we speak to ourselves, our own inner voice can cause us stress. In looking after our heart, its useful to reduce stress where we can."
29 Nov Beat Festive Stress Beat Festive Stress "Often the festive period can be very stressful. Come along and meet Hilda and find out more about tips and ideas for reducing stress and relaxing more over the festive period."


Pineview is committed to being open to our customers about our performance and sharing this with customers.  We discuss performance with our customer forum and produce information for our newsletters and Annual Charter Report in agreement with the customer forum.  If you are a customer who would like to be involved, either through the forum or separately, please contact Isobel at our office for more information.

Newsletters – gives access to our newsletters that contain performance information.

Performance – gives access to our Annual Charter Report, our Annual Financial Statements, our SHR Landlord Reports, our SHR Engagement Plan and our Business Plan.

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